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Phone Coach

Getting started as a spiritual coach?

You can give chat-consultations and make a good living from it.


Why does someone want to start a chat consultation instead of webcam or phone? This can have various reasons. Some people are afraid to call or see someone just like that.


Or you're in a home/work situation where it's not possible to talk by phone, but where you can chat. It is not a problem for this chat job if you live abroad! 

Please note: It is important that you speak and write very good English and that you're a fast typer!   

Each month we receive many visitors who are looking for personal spiritual contact, answers and / or coaching. We would like to be able to be of service, that's why we made


Visitors want to have contact with spiritual coaches such as: Mediums, Psychics, Card readers, Astrologers, Life coaches etc. That is why we're always looking for spiritually gifted Chat, Webcam and Telephone Coaches.


Below you'll find information about the 3 jobs we offer and you can apply for the spiritual job you want! 

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*** Apply and earn well (per minute) as a Spiritual Life Coach! ***

You can also give webcam-chat consultations and earn grea with it.


Why does someone starts a webcam consultation instead of by telephone? This is because customers can see and hear you! Some people like to have a live webcam-consultation from you. 


It is not a problem for this webcam job if you live abroad, as long as you speak English and it doesn't matter if you're a fast typer or not, because customers can also hear you.

You can also give consultations via a telephone and earn a lot of money with it.  


For this job, we're looking for coaches who have no problem making phonecalls and who can keep a conversation going.


You need land line or mobile phone connection to do the job.

For this job you must at least speak English. 



Why work as a Spiritual Coach?


On our website we get many people every day who are looking for spiritual consultation.

As a coach you will help these people with answering large and small questions.



Why you're gonna love this job:  


  • (Webcam) chat and / or call customers. (and more options)
  • You choose how you want to help customers:
  • It's no problem if you only want to chat or call.
  • Of course you can always choose from several options.
  • You receive guidance from an experienced coach.
  • You get paid per minute!
  • We pay the total amount (2) weekly or monthly.
  • You decide when you want to go online.
  • You will receive a (digital) contract.
  • Reach thousands of people on the largest spiritual websites in the world!


Our criteria before you can get started  


 Job criteria:

You are available + _ 15/20 hours a week. (Applies only to spiritual live chat)

You want to chat, call, do webcam consultations, text or email consultations. 

You love to help people and you are motivated!


Does the above appeal to you and do you also want to work as a Spiritual Coach?

Then please complete the application form of your chocice above.

We will contact you per e-mail after we received it.

Good luck in advance with your new job as a spiritual coach!


You are visitor no:

Unfortunately we do not have a vacancy for phone coaches at the moment. If you want, you can fill in the chat application form and optionally indicate that you also want to work as a phone coach. If you don't want to do this, please keep an eye on this website. We regularly have new vacancies.